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Use Daiya Frozen Desserts to Assemble Your Sundae on the Weekend

    Use Daiya Frozen Desserts to Assemble Your Sundae on the Weekend

    There is nothing more characteristic of the summer season than ice cream, and this is especially true when it is served in the form of a sundae loaded with various toppings. Even while we enjoy getting one from the ice cream shop down the street, it’s easy to whip up a different version at home as a pleasant activity with the people you care about. With a handmade sundae bar, the weekend may be brought to a satisfying close on a sweet note, and the Sunday blues can be pushed to the back of your mind. Daiya Frozen Dessert Bars make sundae bars a breeze.

    Daiya, the company that pioneered plant-based cuisine, aims to please both people and the earth with its fantastic-tasting and high-quality plant-based goods. Daiya aims to please both people and the planet. Chocolate Fudge Crunch, Classic Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel Swirl, and Espresso Coffee are the four delectable flavours offered in this company’s excellent plant-based Frozen Dessert Bars. These Frozen Dessert Bars are dairy-free and available in various flavours that give something for everyone’s preferences. The finest ingredients in Daiya’s Frozen Dessert Bars make them velvety, silky, and opulent. These ingredients include semisweet, fair-trade dark chocolate, authentic vanilla essence, and Arabica coffee made from the whole bean. On their own, they provide the ideal everyday treat that gives the impression of being something more extravagant. (There have been times when some of us have sneaked a couple after hours.)

    If you want to take your love of sweets to the next level, you can take your Daiya Dessert Bars to the next level by making a Sunday Sundae bar. All you need is extra time. Prepare a collection of dishes, one for each topping, and provide them to your guests so they may dip their ice cream bars into the topping of their choice. Toppings like chocolate and caramel sauces, as well as plant-based additions like coconut flakes and vegan chocolate chips, are some of our favourites to put out for guests. You can also take a cue from Serious Eats’ recipes for delicious no-churn ice cream and strawberry Popsicles and use freeze-dried strawberries. This essential ingredient gives a punchy taste and vibrant colour to the dish. Our recipe for strawberry drizzle is the ideal vegan addition to compliment the decadent chocolate in Daiya’s Frozen Dessert Bars. It can be found in our website’s “Frozen Dessert Bars” section.

    A Daiya sundae topped with strawberry sauce.

    • The yield is four cups.
    • 15 minutes of actual work time
    • Total time: 70 minutes


    • Twelve ounces of strawberries, which is about equivalent to 16 medium-sized strawberries.
    • 1/4 cup coconut oil
    • 0.5 grams of freeze-dried strawberries, which is approximately 1/4 cup.
    • 4 grams of powdered sugar to decorate


    1. Place the strawberries and coconut oil in a pot with a one-quart capacity and place it over medium heat. Cover and continue cooking over medium heat for approximately ten minutes or until the strawberries are mushy and have released their juices. During this time, you should uncover the strawberries and toss and mash them every few minutes to speed up the process. After ten minutes, when the strawberries have become pliable enough to be crushed with a spoon, take the mixture off the heat and pour it into a bowl suitable for use in hot environments.
    2. Combine the freeze-dried strawberries with the confectioners’ sugar in a separate bowl. Blend the ingredients using an immersion blender until they are smooth and emulsified. The combination ought should be around 115 degrees Fahrenheit at this time.
    3. Place the mixture in the refrigerator for approximately forty minutes or until the temperature reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
    4. Take the Daiya Dessert Bars out of the freezer, remove them from their packaging, and set them on a platter. As a finishing touch, adorn the bar with a dollop of strawberry sauce using a tablespoon. Place back in the freezer for approximately twenty minutes so that it may become more solid. Enjoy!

    After you have prepared your Daiya Dessert Bars and your toppings, all left to do is spoon, drizzle, dip, and top your dessert, and then you can dig in and enjoy it! Over one thousand of Target’s shops around the country carry the scrumptious and dairy-free bars produced by Daiya. The Daiya Dessert Bars are the ideal summertime dessert, whether consumed as a sweet pick-me-up after dinner or as a refreshing snack while lounging by the pool.

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